General Terms and Conditions

Putnička agencija SIRENE d.o.o. Savudrija (in further text the agency) insures the accommodation service to the guest according to information available on site, and also in accordance with the period and details of the confirmed reservation, except in case of illness or death of the host or his closest family; and also the agency is not liable for force majeure conditions that cannot be anticipated or eliminated (natural disasters: earthquakes, floods, fires, droughts, wars, strikes, acts of terrorism and restrictions issued by the government: mobilization, ban to exit the country).
The general conditions for offering services for accommodations are part of the contract between , as a travel agency or authorized agent, and the traveler who accepts the offered arrangement. Everything that is listed in the general conditions represents a legal commitment for the guests, as well as for the agency. The general travel conditions are published on the Internet pages.
Agency commits itself to undertake all precautions to offer true information to its users. All the information, data, and pictures that are related to the capacity of accommodations, agency collected from the most reliable accommodation facilities. Even though all information is controlled by employees of the agency, the Company does not take responsibility for mistakes, negligence, and delays made by the customer.

Inquiries and booking for accommodation are received electronically, by e-mail or in person at the agency's offices.
When booking, the guest confirms that he accepts the General Terms entirely. In other words, everything stated in the General Terms becomes legally binding both for the guest and the agency. The agency provides the guest with all the information relevant for the journey, and also offers him travel insurance package as well as the cancellation insurance. When booking, the guest is required to give all the information necessary in the booking procedure.
To confirm the booking it is necessary to pay the advance depending on the payment method. The balance must be paid at least 15 days prior to the arrival date or directly to the host upon arrival. The guest is informed about the payment methods while confirming the reservation.
Methods of payment
This method of payment refers exclusively to foreign clients.The payers and recipients bank transfer fees should be covered entirely by the client.
Details to be entered in the bank transfer:
Holder reservation: Name and full address of the person holding the reservation
Recepient: Putnička agencija SIRENE d.o.o. Savudrija 
Bank: Istarska Kreditna Banka Umag d.d.
IBAN: HR5623800061140011056
Amount EUR: (according to the calculation received)
Reference number: reservation number

Guests from Croatia can pay for their reservations with cash via general payment slip to our gyro account.
After we receive your payment, you will receive the deposit payment confirmation-voucher by e-mail.

The price of accommodation includes the basic service that is published with all accommodation units. Additional services are not included in the price of the accommodation, therefore the guest pays for them separately. These services must be requested at the time of the booking.
The prices of the accommodation are in KUNA and also in EUR. The rest should be paid on the spot in the applicable national currency (Kuna).
The agency reserves the right to make changes to the stated prices (in case when the host changes prices of the accommodation or there are changes in the exchange rates). If the changes occur prior to the payment of the advance, the agency informs the guest about the price change. For customers who have paid an advance for their reservation, the agency guarantees the price of accommodation, stated in the price quotation according to which the advance was paid.
Should the changes occur in the exchange rate of the agreed currency or if there is an increase in the fees for the certain services that affect the price of the travel, that could not be anticipated by the agency, the agency reserves the right to increase the price up to 20 days prior to the arrival. Should the price increase be higher then 10% the guest has a right to cancel the reservation. In that case guest has the right to refund of the already paid amount without the right to compensation.
If more guests than are stated on the voucher arrive to the accommodation unit, the host has the right to deny the extra customers accommodation or to accommodate all of the customers at extra charge directly made to the host.

Accommodation units are described in accordance to the official categorization of the authorized institution, and based on onsite assessment of the accommodation prior to being published.
Standards for accommodation and other services differ from country to country, and cannot be compared.
Information obtained at the point of sale does not oblige the agency in any way more than any information available on the Internet pages or in the agency's printed material.

The agency reserves the right to change or cancel the booked accommodation if before or during holidays special conditions occur that cannot the avoided or eliminated (See Article 1). Booked accommodation can be substituted only with the permission of the guest and by an accommodation of the same or higher category and at the price confirmed during booking. Should the substitute accommodation be available only in an accommodation unit of higher category and should the price of the substitute accommodation be higher by 15% or more than the initially booked accommodation, the agency reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the customer.
In cases where substitute accommodation for paid accommodation is not available, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior customer notification (at least 7 days before arrival) and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount. Should an adequate substitute accommodation not be available on the day of arrival, the agency will try to provide information on available accommodation that is not included in agency's offer and guarantees the refund of the complete paid amount.

Should the customer wish to change or cancel a reservation after the advance payment, this must be done in written form (email, mail, or fax). The change includes the change in the number of people or change of the arrival or departure dates at latest 30 days prior to the arrival date.
The change of the accommodation unit and every change within the 30 days prior to the start of the reservation and also during the use of the accommodation unit is considered the cancellation of the reservation.
The first change to the reservation is free of charge, unless it entails further expenses for the agency. Should a change to the reservation not be possible and should the customer cancel for this reason, the conditions for the cancellation of reservation listed below will be enforced.
For any confirmed hotel accommodation, if cancelled by the guest, specific cancellation policy is applied. The date of received written confirmation is considered the date of cancellation, and cancellation fees are calculated as follows:

· For cancellation till 30 days before arrival date not will be charged
· For cancellation from 29 till 15 days before arrival date, 20 % of the total accommodation amount will be charged
· For cancellation from 14-8 days before arrival date, 30 % of the total accommodation amount  will be charged
· For cancellation from 7 till  4 days before arrival date, 50 % of the total accommodation amount  will be charged
· For cancellation made 3 or less days before arrival date, 100 % of the total accommodation amount  will be charged

It is agency's obligation to take care of provided services, the choice of hosts, and customers' rights and interests according to accepted customs in tourism. The agency will carry out all stated obligations in full and as described above, except in circumstances caused by conditions beyond its control (Article 1), when Article 6 is applied.

The customer is required:
- to have valid travel documents,
- to obey customs regulations and currency exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia,
- to obey house rules in accommodation units and to cooperate with the host with good intentions,
- to show the document about the paid service (voucher received by email) to the host upon arrival,
- the guest is obligated to check if he needs a visa to enter the Republic of Croatia
- by confirming the reservation, the guest accepts to pay for all damages caused directly to the host.
Should the guest not follow the above listed obligations, the guest is liable for caused damage and must cover the expenses.

The agency is not responsible for destroyed, lost, damaged luggage, as well as for the theft of luggage or valuables in the accommodation unit (rental of a safety deposit box is recommended if available or the payment of the travel insurance that includes the luggage insurance). Lost luggage or stolen goods are reported to the host and the local police department.

Each traveller - reservation holder has a right to file a complaint if the paid services wes not provided. If the services provided are not satisfactory, the passenger is required to immediately notify the Agency about the inadequate service and file a complaint on the day of his/her arrival at the location to the service provider and to inform the Agency office by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at +385 (0)52 759 541. The Traveller is obligated to cooperate with the Agency representative as well as with the service provider in a well-intentioned manner so that the cause of the complaint can be resolved. If upon arrival the traveller is not satisfied with the state of the accommodation and leaves the accommodation on his own initiative and finds another accommodation without giving the agency a chance to resolve the issue, correct the cause of the discontent, or find another accommdoation for the Traveller, the Traveller does not have a right to request a refund or make a claim for compensation, regardless of the fact that his/her reasons were justified or not.
Should the Traveller accept the proposed solution which corresponds with the service rendered on the spot, the Agency will not take additional complaints into consideration or respond to them.
If the problem is not resolved on the spot following an intervention, the Traveller is obligated to submit a written complaint along with supporting documents as well as any photographs to support the complaint to the agency by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by post mail no later than 8 days following the return of the Traveller from his/her trip. The Agency shall only take into consideration fully documented complaints which are received within the 8-day deadline.
The agency is obligated to make a written solution to the complaint within 14 days of receipt of the written complaint. The agency can postpone the deadline in order to collect the evidence and check the claim quotes with the service provider but not for more than 14 days. The agency will take into consideration only those claims whose cause could not be resolved on the spot.
Until a decision has been made by the Agency, in other words for the duration of the 14/28 days after the complaint has been filed, the Traveller relinquishes the right to involve a third party, the arbitration of the UHPA or other institutions, publicly disclosing information as well as filing suit. The highest amount of compensation per complaint can amount to the complaint portion of the service and cannot encompass the used portion of the service or the total amount of the service. The law of tourism excludes the Traveller's right to be compensated for ideal damages.
The Agency cannot be held responsible for climate conditions, cleanliness, and the temperature of the sea, nor for other similar situations and events which can result in the dissatisfaction of travellers and are not a direct result of the accommodation unit (for example, bad weather, improperly maintained  beaches, crowds, lost or stolen property and such). If the traveller decides to book the special LAST MINUTE deal, then he accepts all risks of such travel. These journeys include uncertainty of facts upon which the agency can not influence, and the traveller primarily due to the price accepted such a trip and therefore has no right of complaint to the agency.

The cost of travel does not include the package of travel insurance: insurance against risks of accidents and diseases, travel insurance from loss or damage of luggage as well as health insurance.

With the signing of the contract for travel, which are an important part of the trip, it is considered that the customer has been provided and recommended all types of insurance listed above. If the customer requires insurance, insurance that can be contracted directly with one of the insurers or with the agency. In this case, the agency only acts as intermediary. We recommend that you read conditions of insurance prior to purchase.

Upon payment of the advance or the total amount, the customer accepts the General Terms and Conditions in their entirety.

Travel agency pledges that it will respect the privacy of its users and that it will neither transfer any information to a third party, only will used the e-mail address for sending the special offers and newsletters from travel agency to client. ravel agency will immediately erase this address from the newsletter list, if client insist.
All information is kept confidential and is only available to those employees who require the information to complete their job duties. All employees and business partners of  travel agency are responsible for upholding the principles of the privacy policy.

These General conditions are subject to an Agreement between a passenger and Estee d.o.o.. Unless otherwise stated in the itinerary no alterations of any term of these General Conditions are allowed. In case a full payment or advance has been made, a passenger is considered to have agreed and accepted these terms and conditions of travel.
The traveler and the agency will try to solve any disputes in good will, however in case of a judicial dispute, the court of justice is located in Buje, with relevant law being Croatian law.

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Putnička agencija SIRENE d.o.o. Savudrija 
ID CODE : HR-B-52-040089490  OIB : 94212261995

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